I Tried the Womanizer Premium and OMG

I was always told that masturbation wasn’t lady like but I’ve found this to be a lie. I have learned at least two things about masturbation in my 26 years on this earth. First, masturbation is the BEST way to learn what you like in bed. And once you know, sex with a client will never be the same. Second, toys should always be a go-to in the bedroom. One of my favorite toys to use for my little one on one time is the Womanizer.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

I finished Pachinko in August and it is one of the most memorable novels I have ever read. I started it for the Seattle Public Library Summer Reading Bingo even though I didn't get to participate because I was in the middle of finishing my associate degree. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee brought into perspective immigration into a country where immigrants are unwanted and looked down upon. It also brought to mind the strength women have when they live in poverty.