Get To Know Me Sessions

These dates are less intimate but still a great way to get to know me!

  • 1 hour visit: $300

  • 90 min visit: $400

  • 2 hour visit: $500

  • Dinner Date (3 hours): $700 - 25% non- refundable deposit is required.

Husky Date Experience

Want to see my university football team play? Don’t worry, we have time to watch Husky football. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required.

  • Dinner and The Huskies (6 hours): $900

Upcoming Home Games:

  • Sat, 9/7 7:30pm

  • Sat, 9/14 4:30pm

  • Sat, 9/28 - homecoming

  • Sat, 10/19

  • Sat, 11/2

  • Sat, 11/29 1:00pm

Enjoying The Arts

Let’s visit the Henry Art Gallery, check out the latest comedy hit at Laughs Comedy Club, or watch the Nutcracker at the PNW ballet. Either way, lets enjoy the arts. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required.

  • Dinner and The Arts (6 hours): $900

The More Intimate Sessions

Can’t get enough of me and want to spend as much time as possible together? Here are a couple of options I know you will enjoy. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for these options. If you want longer than 24 hours, please send me an email.

  • A Day in…or Out (12 hours): $1060

  • A Whole Day Together (24 hours): $1240